The kid's party is going down a treat. Eric has his arm twisted into playing Santa and Rachel is helping Kathy make sure the children are properly looked after. But when Sarah arrives and sees Rachel holding Victoria she flies off the handle. She screams Rachel's already had her man, and for her to take her hands off her child. Kim is unhappy about the attentions Lady Tara is paying her fiance Steve. She warns him to be careful. Eric confronts Billy about the booze hi-jack and threatens him with the Dingle's if he doesn't cough-up some money. Marlon and Lisa set to work making a huge Christmas cake based on a recipe by Marlon's favourite chef Nigel Hibbart. But is a cement mixer really the best way to mix the ingredients? The tramp dubbed 'Mr. Magic' has astounded the Dingle brothers Sam and Butch with his fortune telling - but when they take him to the tea rooms to raise money for charity the paying customers are less than happy. On his way out he meets Billy and Marlon and tells them to beware the wrath of the Dingles.


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