Steve has Lady Tara very much on his mind - but would like to get her out of it. When she arrives at Home Farm to distribute invites to her Christmas staff party Steve tells her their kiss was a mistake and he certainly doesn't want an affair. He loves Kim. Steve overhears an angry phone call involving Kim and wants to know who it was - Kim says it was just business. It is the blackmailer! Tony goes over his business proposal with Steve for the outdoors activities centre and outlines his plans for a special Christmas challenge. Kathy feels let down when Doug informs her she cannot go to his grand opening of the Golf Club. He tells her his wife has unexpectedly insisted on going and that it would be tempting fate if the two were there together. Viv tells Vic that the Post Office is virtually the only thing holding them together. He promises that he's going to make a big effort to improve their home life and Viv promises to try to save their marriage. But just when it seems the Windsors have got their relationship back together trouble arrives in the shape of Marika - a girl Vic met on his trip to Amsterdam!


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