Kim is keeping the blackmail threats a secret from her fiance Steve, but how long can she keep up the charade? If she thought things were bad there's an even bigger shock in store when she and Steve return home from the Oakwell Christmas bash to find a frantic nanny and no baby James. Could this be the work of the blackmailer? Kathy is in for a real shock when she discovers who her lover Doug's real wife is! She and her mate Rachel decide to crash the golf club do even though Doug insisted she mustn't. But the pair sneak into the glamorous party, only to leave hot-foot when the truth dawns. Mandy is just a girl who can't say no. And when Paddy proposes marriage in front of whooping regulars at Pollard's Wine Bar she says yes. But will she feel the same way the morning after? Just when Viv and Vic looked to be getting it together again, Marieke turned up from Amsterdam to put a spanner in the works. Jan looks like she's finally come to terms with Dave's death when she starts to clear out his belongings. Kelly is working overtime on Roy trying to make up for being caught in bed with Biff. She tells him she really loves him - but will he fall for her charms again? And it looks like being a bleak Xmas for young Andy. His dad's disappeared again and all he's got for company is the puppy his errant father brought. He is alone, cold and hungry.


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