The Sugdens have a problem with Jim when their sheep escape into his field, and Jim impounds them. Meanwhile, Annie goes behind Sam's back and tries to see if Liz can help Jean.


Beckindale speculates on Henry's financial position while he's away in Bradford. Amos makes an effort to starting eating healthier. Some of Emmerdale's sheep escape into Jim's farm. Joe goes off to bring them back. He returns telling Matt that Jim has impounded the sheep and won't give them back until the Sugdens have paid for their keep on their land overnight. Norah offers Amos assistance with his desire to eat healthier, but she's soon upset when Amos accuses her of gossiping about the problems at The Woolpack. Sam scopes the village in order to find out who would be an ideal replacement for Wally as Church Warden. Annie asks Liz if she could help with Jean in Middlesborough. She tells Annie she might be able to help as Edward knows a curate there. Annie's thoughtful when Liz mentions about Jim and Kathy, saying their problems have hit him hard as Jim has always tried everything to avoid scandal affecting their family. Joe goes to meet Willy and ponders making advancements on the farm without Henry. Annie makes a phone call to Jim and demands he come over to the farm that night.


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