Harry plays Henry and Jack off each other for the sale of his farm. The Sugdens are shocked when Bart reveals that Jack became famous in London.


Joe tells Matt to think about himself and his future and let Jack worry about Annie. Annie asks Jack to buy her a washing machine. Amos visits the farm to deliver a message for Jack - can he arrange a hotel for his friend Bart. Marian and Joe clear the air. Joe tells Henry that he still wants him to give the farm manager's job to Matt, Henry is impressed by Joe's kindness. Annie catches Sam sneaking downstairs to steal food from the kitchen. Harry visits Annie and tells her that Henry wants to buy his farm, he offers to sell to Jack - for a higher price. Matt dithers about the job offer, he says he might take the job if Joe was sticking around at Emmerdale Farm. Joe says he will. Bart arrives in the village. Peggy passes the news on to Matt that Harry is trying to play Henry and Jack off against each other. Joe tells Henry what Jameson is trying to do, while Jameson approaches Jack with the idea. Bart and Jack arrive for a meal at Emmerdale Farm and Bart tells Annie she is a worthy mother of his famous son, the family look puzzled.


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