Tearful Kim watches as Ned, Roy and Seth join police in a grim fingertip search for baby James. And when they discover the child's bobble hat the police are in no doubts they are dealing with a kidnapping. Kim swears she'll die if anything happened to her precious child. Steve tells her it's time to come clean, he knows she's been receiving threatening phone calls. The Dingles and Eric suss that Marlon and Billy were responsible for the booze hi-jack. But there's no sign of Billy when they visit the caravan - only Spot, Andy's puppy. Worried when he hears the news, Jack goes to the caravan and discovers Andy, hidden in a tiny corner, unconscious. The near tragedy brings Jack and Sarah closer and she invites him to join the family for Christmas dinner. Finally Rachel gets some news to cheer her up after the collapse of her affair with Jack she's offered a job as the local school secretary.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 7.30pm.
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