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Zak feeds Priscilla the pig his fried breakfast. He is really pleased with her. Marlon turns up and calls out Butch's name. He is holding the rock that Butch threw through the caravan window. Tony is working on his figures for the activity centre. He is going to the bank. Becky is nervous about him getting a loan. Roy wakes Ned up. He has spent the night on the sofa. He still refuses to support Jan. Marlon faces up to Butch who denies throwing the rock. Kim doesn't want Steve to spoil James and she is scared about being left on her own in case Daniels comes back. Butch is vague about how he and Sam paid for the pig. Lisa tries to get Zak to change his mind about Marlon again. The cyber pet is still annoying Zak. Paddy tells Zoe that Outhwaite will not let him look at his cows. She offers to go with him to try again. Steve is watching the video of Kim again, but Betty interrupts him. He leaves her to it. She shouts after him that he has forgotten to pay her again. Kim panics when James goes missing. She finds him with Roy. Marlon is depressed about his lack of family. Eric wants him out of the way because the researcher is coming from the TV show. Kathy is not happy about it disrupting her business. Tony has got on well at the bank. They are willing to lend him the money as long as they mortgage the house. Becky refuses to sign. Paddy and Zoe have examined Outhwaite's herd and have found that some of them are very ill. They are about to treat them when Outhwaite confronts them with a gun. Paddy challenges him to shoot him. Outhwaite is still threatening Zoe and Paddy with the gun. He resents Zoe as she is a Tate and he rents his land from them. Paddy manages to calm him down. Becky is furious with Tony for risking the house on his scheme. Steve has deposited the video tape in a bank safe deposit box. Zak is worried about Priscilla as she is off her food and looks to be swelling up. He sends Lisa in to look at her. Eric is showing the researcher round. Carmel catches up with Andy after school. She asks if he has heard from his dad. Becky wants a family discussion about Tony's business proposition. She tells Will and Emma that they could lose everything. Will supports his dad. Paddy asks Zoe to talk to Kim about Outhwaite. Steve calls round to ask Zoe a favour. Carmel tells Sarah that she wants Andy to live with the Sugden's permanently. She wants to know if their family is a stable environment. Sarah is worried that Andy has said something. Steve asks Zoe to look after the key to his safety deposit box. He wants her to open it if anything happens to him. Zak has been feeding Priscilla cod liver oil. She manages to empty her bowels all over his boots and he finds a gold ring in there. Kim is annoyed when Steve is late home. She asks him to move in with her, but he wants to wait until they are married. She suggests a spring wedding.


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