The Hutchinsons are at the hospital. Outhwaite has had a heart attack. Lyn is worried about his farm. Mandy is put off when Paddy wears the same socks for two days. She is still considering a new career. Sam tells Paddy that Heather has phoned. Rachel invites Kathy out tonight. The Cairns want to know why Will is enjoying working at the wine bar. Kelly arrives at work to find Chris making an appointment for her at a private clinic. He is going to take her there himself. Lyn has been trying to sort out Outhwaite's cows. Paddy turns up. Kathy wants Sam to have another reading lesson tonight. Mandy is late for work again. Paddy reads the letter from Kim evicting Outhwaite. He decides to talk to her. Mandy tells Alan that she wants to resign from the Woolpack today. He thinks that she is angling for a payrise, but she is just bored and wants to do something new. Paddy marches straight up to Kim and challenges her about the letter she sent to Outhwaite. Zoe wants Paddy to calm down. Kim has no regrets. Kelly has been to the clinic. She lies to Chris about how pregnant she is. Zoe tells Paddy that she will speak to Kim. Kelly tells Mandy all about conning Chris. Paddy finds out from Terry that Mandy has quit her job. Eric won't let Lyn speak to Marlon. Rachel and Kathy have a meal. Mandy tells Paddy that she is going to be an entrepreneur. He laughs. Dee asks Lyn about the antiques that Eric bought from her grandad. Chris and Kelly have a meal. He suggests going away together after her abortion. Will offers to look for the Hutchinson's furniture. He wants to impress Dee. Eric overhears them talking. Rachel sees Chris and Kelly having a meal together.


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