Wally's funeral is held, and the Sugdens accompany Sam to the funeral. Meanwhile, following Norah quitting her job, Amos is forced to run the shop.


Amos rings Henry in Bradford and is shocked to discover he's gone on to London. Sam prepares for Wally's funeral. Annie gets a surprise when a late postcard arrives from James stating he's coming back to Emmerdale Farm today. Matt, Lena and Freda are put out to discover the shop's shut. A note on the door refers them to Amos. He's forced to open up the shop and serve them. As Amos prepares to leave, Lena reminds him that there are five dozen bread rolls on the way for Wally's funeral. Amos has to run the shop as well as The Woolpack. He calls Annie to see if she can help. As she prepares to leave, James arrives back from his holidays. He asks Joe and Matt if Annie's said anything about letting him stay at The Mill. Norah calms down and returns to the shop, apologising to Annie for dragging her into the situation. The villagers gather in The Woolpack for Wally's wake. Sam and Annie set off for Middlesborough.


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