Jack didn't come home last night and both Robert and Andy have noticed. Sarah refuses to answer their questions about his disappearance. Roy is doing a bit of housework, but ends up chewing up a rug. He wants the house to look nice because Jan will find out today whether she can come home. Sarah storms into Rachel's house and demands to see Jack. She is convinced that he has gone back to Rachel and has dragged the kids along too. Rachel takes pleasure in telling her that Jack is not there. Jack has spent the night with Biff and Marlon. Vic calls round and asks to speak to Biff about Kelly. Vic wants him to speak to her about moving into Home Farm. Biff refuses to get involved. Butch has shown Zak the bra that he found in the back of Paddy's car. They attack him until Mandy tells them that it is stock from her new business. Vic has closed the shop because he is worried about Kelly. Viv has packed up the rest of her stuff for her, but Vic is furious. The Glovers talk to Jan's psychiatrist. She is going to recommend that Jan be allowed home. Vic storms into Home Farm and attacks Chris. Marlon is practising rollerblading. Jed Outhwaite is no longer in his hospital bed. Vic has calmed down. Kelly tells her dad that she chased Chris and bedded him. Vic gets upset and pleads with her to come home. She refuses. Vic shakes hands with Chris and apologises. He is still not happy. The Glovers wait for Jan's hearing; she knows that she did wrong. Spot the dog has grown up. Robert ignores Jack when he comes home and then he demands to know why Jack still loves Rachel. They row. Jan is going to be allowed to come home. Jack tells Sarah that he wants to be her husband, friend and lover; she wants that too. Outhwaite has been found and is as ungrateful as ever. Heather tells him that she does not have room for him and does not want him. He intends to go home and doesn't seem to accept that he has been evicted. Ned and Roy row. Roy doesn't think that Ned wants Jan to come home. Zak has taught Sam to read the words fishnet stockings out of Mandy's catalogue. Tony has been working on the training programme for the young offenders; he expected more commitment from Rachel. She is telling Kathy about Sarah's performance. Kathy is not too sympathetic. Marlon is suggesting to Dee that she lets Heather Hutchinson sing in the wine bar. He then annoys Vic who makes a scene. Ned is feeling sorry for himself after the year that he has had; he admits to Roy that he believes Jan is mad and needs more help - he doesn't want her to come home.


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