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When Mandy invites her best customers to an exclusive lingerie fashion show, Butch and Sam decide to try and gate-crash the event along with Paddy, Zak and Terry. But they are caught sneaking in by a burly security guard. After give it some thought Mandy decides they must redeem themselves by parading on the catwalk. Meanwhile, Sam finds himself in Dingle heaven when he escapes and unwittingly hides himself in the catwalk model's changing rooms. It's the final day of Tony's Outdoor Activities Course and the teams decide to use some underhanded tactics to win the event. Young Offender Nick tries to sabotage Dean's team. But Dean fights back and with the help of Paulette and Emma, they take Tony's van to get ahead. But they soon are wishing they hadn't. Chris tries to rebuild some bridges with the Windsor family by inviting Viv, Vic, and Donna to dinner at Home Farm. Scheming Kelly determines she will have to have an abortion sooner than later, when she realises Chris is very serious about her having the child. Will's obsession with Dee reaches new heights when he emotionally blackmails her into meeting him at a hotel. When she arrives she tries to make him understand that as a married woman there can never be anything between them. But her emotions are thrown in tormoil when Will kisses her, and she starts to respond.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Erica - Anne Taylor-Parker



  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • This episode ended on a freeze-frame of Zak, Butch, Terry and Paddy parading themselves on the catwalk.
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