Becky's bombshell is too much for Tony and he makes plans to leave for Germany. But before he goes he decides to have a word with Zoe. An intense argument erupts between them which threatens to turn to violence. Paddy tries to calm down the situation but regrets getting involved when Tony punches him. Tony demands to know where Becky is but Zoe blocks his way. Tony grabs her by the collar and pins her against the wall, but Becky arrives just in time and throws a vase at Tony before slapping him. Will walks through the street and spots his parents running out of the surgery. He runs over and tackles his dad to stop him from hitting Becky. Will later confronts Becky and reveals that he protected his dad from a guilty conscience and tells his mother that she deserved a slap. He reminds what her favourite film Brief Encounter is about and she cries. Emma walks in on them and Becky tells her that Tony has gone to Germany, but can't bring herself to tell her the real reason why she has been crying and says that she just wants her family around her. Becky later visits Zoe. She has taken it for granted that she and Zoe are a couple and tells her that she loves her, but Zoe doesn't feel the same and Becky storms out. Meanwhile, Kathy and Rachel go on a double date with two strapping fireman, Eric's suspicions concerning his wife are justified when he finds Dee and Will in an embrace and Jack invites Outhwaite to have a drink with him and Sarah at the Woolpack.


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