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Eric's world is falling apart, his wife Dee has left him and not even Kathy's intervention can persuade her to return to him. Dee tells Kathy that she can never forgive Eric for preventing her from seeing her dying mother - she's going home to the Philippines. Will begs Dee to stay and offers her a new life with him, but is left heartbroken. Eric races to the airport to try to change her mind but to no avail. Eric returns to the village as Will is being thrown out of the Woolpack by Terry and Alan for causing a fight with Marlon and, full of rage, attempts to mow Will down, but is stopped just in time by Terry. Eric confronts Will, telling him that he got what he wanted, but Will retorts by saying that Dee was a prisoner and never loved Eric. Ned is approached by journalist Helen Ackroyd for his side of the story concerning the abduction of baby James. Kathy misses the company of dashing fireman Jez. When she asks Rachel for a drink that evening she declines saying she has work to do.


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