Steve runs into dire financial problems and turns to an old friend Sal, for advice. But his solution leaves Steve with a real problem - his dad. Rachel and Kathy discover that they are both being two-timed by fireman Jez. The girls resolve to make him pay - by going on a double date with him! Ned and Biff decide to give journalist Helen Ackroyd their side of the story concerning the abduction of baby James. But Biff starts to have second thoughts. Paddy's mother arrives in the village. While at Betty and Seth's, Lisa arrives and invites Mrs Kirk to a family meal. Later on at the Woolpack, Betty tells Mrs Kirk about Zoe being a lesbian, leaving her in shock to the point of yelling it out loud to the whole pub. Becky tries to repair her broken marriage. And although Tony accepts some responsibility, he refuses to back down on the job in Germany. Emma overhears the conversation and is shocked when she hears Becky say that she wants a divorce if Tony insists on going to Germany.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 15th April 1998 due to coverage of Champions League football.

Memorable dialogue

Mrs Kirk: "So tell me about this Zoe. I didn't quite get your gist earlier, you said something about her inclinations?"
Betty Eagleton: "Well, to be honest, and I'm not one to gossip, but she's not quite like you and me." 
Mrs Kirk: "Well-bred?" 
Betty Eagleton: "Oh, no, no, she's certainly well-bred, no. To put it bluntly, she's um..." (quietly) " of them." 
Mrs Kirk: "One of...?" 
Betty Eagleton: "You know." 
Mrs Kirk: "No." 
Betty Eagleton: "She's a..." (whispering) "...lesbian." 
Mrs Kirk: "A lesbian! My Patrick's working for a lesbian!" 
Terry Woods: "Nice one, Betty."

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