Joe gets a letter from Christine's solicitor regarding their divorce settlement. Meanwhile, Henry passes through the village and gets his ears bent about future plans by Amos and Norah.


Norah gossips about James when she finds out he's wanting to move out of Emmerdale. Amos asks James to look over the wording of an advert for a tourist board brochure for when The Woolpack can rent rooms. James offers to type it up for him. Henry arrives back from Bradford but leaves Amos disgruntled when he states he's just passing through. Amos bends Henry's ear about The Woolpack's rooms, wanting to push things forward. Joe tells Matt he's ringing the Ministry to have the cows inspected. Matt reminds him that he needs permission from him, Annie and Henry before he goes making any decisions but Joe is eager to move forward, feeling he's been waiting for other people for too long. Amos receives a 'Country Cooking' book from Marian as a present. Henry calls to see Norah at the shop and she too bends his ear over wanting to push ahead with the post office plans. Joe's mood turns sour when he receives a letter in the post. Matt informs Henry that Joe is keen to progress with the farm. He assures Matt he will be finished with his business in Bradford soon. Joe storms out when he finds out Henry can only spare twelve minutes to discuss his plans. James and Tom discuss Annie in the pub. Tom asks James if he knows why Annie stopped her driving lessons and James asks him if she's ever mentioned any plans for The Mill as he'd like to stay there. Joe's relieved when Matt says he's talked his ideas over with Henry and he doesn't think there will be any problem. He tells him Henry's hoping to be back in the village by the end of the week. Joe shows his letter to Tom and asks him for advice - it's from Christine's solicitor informing him to seek legal aid.


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