Kim and Steve move into Pear Tree Cottage. Steve's confidence is hit for six when Kim tells him he will have to stay at home and look after James while she is at work at the stud farm. Kathy regrets leaving poorly Alice home alone when the young child goes missing sparking a search and nearly falls into the pit at Dingle Automotives before being saved by Lisa. Will gets drunk the night before the school rugby final and is in big trouble when he fails to make the game. When he appears too late, he explains to Terry and Rachel that he had a stomach upset, but Terry knows he is lying when he sniffs Will's breath. As a result of the team's loss, Dean attacks him. Terry stops the fight but tells Will he has had enough of letting him and the team down. Lady Tara teases Biff and accuses him of being jealous of her having a date. Tara and Biff catch Butch and Zak poaching and she tells them that they could lose their tenancy.


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