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Lady Tara warns Seth, Butch, and Zak that Seth will be out of a job and the Dingles will be evicted, if there is a repeat. Kelly asks Chris to drive her to London so she can meet her mother's friend. Will lies to Jack and Sarah that he might have the flu coming on, but his fibs might be starting to catch up on him when Rachel visits Jack and Sarah and tells them that Terry could smell alcohol on him. In the Woolpack, Jack's suspicions are confirmed when he overhears Roy and Biff joke about Will still being hungover. Jack visits Will and gives him a lecture, which he resents. Jack says that he is going to ring Tony so he can make arrangements to bring Will back to GermanyEric offers to mind the Tea Rooms for Kathy so she can look after Alice. But his kindness is not as genuine as it seems. Mandy and Kelly decide to remove Kim's dresses from Home Farm, egged on by Chris.


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  • This extra Friday episode was broadcast at the usual time of 7.00pm.
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