Rosemary arrives to stay with the Sugdens as Jean is admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, Tom advises Joe to get a solicitor about divorcing Christine.


Henry takes over the shop in Norah's absence. Annie calls to say that she and Sam will be arriving back today. Joe's annoyed when Henry calls to say he can't make it up to the farm as he's got to look after the shop. Henry asks Lena to replace Norah permanently. She agrees to think it over and looks after the shop until Liz arrives for her shift. Tom gives Joe legal advice on what to do on the letter from Christine's solicitor, thinking she's after a divorce as soon as legally possible. He asks Joe if Christine was to return to him, would he want her back. Joe admits he wouldn't. Tom advises him to see a solicitor of his own. Henry finally visits the farm to catch up on goings on. James shows off an advert he's written for Amos about The Woolpack. He gives him a list of magazine contact details that would be beneficial to advertise in. Amos puts his foot in it when he mentions to James the grudge that Jim was holding over him about Kathy. Joe gets a surprise when Sam and Annie return home with Rosemary Kendall, Joe's sixteen year old cousin, who announces she will be living with them for a while.


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  • First appearance of Rosemary Kendall.
  • Rosemary Kendall has no dialogue in this episode despite appearing as a regular character.
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