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Biff realises the dangers of "a woman spurned" when Lady Tara is cool with him after their argument. Kim criticises Steve for not looking after James properly while she was at work at the stud farm. And tempers flare when she catches him in The Woolpack and accuses him of wasting their money. Kelly is convinced that Viv is responsible for her mother's death. And she gives Vic an ultimatum - he must choose between her or Viv. Zak wins the pub quiz - much to the suspicions of the other contestants. Roy tells Jack he is the mysterious laundry swapper. Eric is furious to learn Ashley has banned him from the village hall.


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Memorable dialogue

Lisa Dingle: "What I can't understand, though, Zak, is how come you wrote down some of the answers before he read out the questions?"
Zak Dingle: "Well, I'm uh... What they call it? Psychotic."
Mandy Dingle: "That's true."

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