Poor Alan finally realises two's company, five is most definitely a crowd. But when he suggests homeless Heather puts a little more effort into finding a new home for her family - he could hardly imagine the scenario. His bar manager Terry has pushed Alan into taking action after the cuddly landlord took pity on the Hutchinson's after a fire destroyed their own house. But when Heather returns to The Woolpack late after a fruitless search and pours her heart out to Terry over a night-cap, suddenly the two are drawn together. Kathy finally blows her top at Eric. She's been forced to close down the tea-rooms for a morning after Eric withdrew Marlon's services as chef. Tired and confused Kathy muses her future over a large lunchtime gin and tonic. Later Marlon urges Kathy to listen to a plan which he believes will get Eric out of her way for good. There's only one condition - she takes Marlon on as her head chef. And after all the trouble at the quarry Steve chances on a scam involving some of those who beat him up. He sneaks back to the quarry after work to overhear how the workers intend ripping off Home Farm.


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  • Terry Woods is credited twice in error.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,630,000 viewers (9th place - combined figure including repeat).
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