Zoe visits the Post Office to ask the Windsors to talk to Kelly about coming home. But when Vic drops by at the vet's surgery his daughter is less than pleased. After all didn't he lie to her about the death of Kelly's mum, his first wife? Kelly mistakenly thinks Zoe will put her up for as long as she wants, but later finds out it was Zoe who instigated the visit. And when the teenagers mouth runs away with her during an argument at the vet, she is told she must be out by the end of the month. Headstrong Kelly packs immediately but neither her best mate Mandy nor confidante Roy can put her up. She eventually decides to go home, but hears the family rowing. Dishevelled and at her lowest ebb the youngster doesn't know where to turn. Betty returns from her holiday and fires some life back into Kathy. Together with Rachel, the three clear up the backlog of work and re-open the tearooms for business. With such good friends behind her Kathy now feels she can take Eric on. And Steve confronts quarry foreman Mickey Bell to say he wants cutting-in on the quarry deal. But the tough boss clearly doesn't trust Steve and isn't interested.


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