You might have thought Kelly had learned something about herself when no-one was prepared to give her a bed for the night. Having left Zoe's in a huff, she ended up sleeping under the stars. But Kelly is still carrying a king size chip on her shoulder, and when Chris fails to persuade her to move back into Home Farm, he tells her there only one place left for her to go - home! But without showing an ounce of remorse for her worried parents the petulant teenager marches back into the Post Office and immediately starts a row with step-mum Viv. And when her dad Vic brings in a celebratory bottle of wine, all Kelly can say is that she doesn't intend staying for long! Steve gets the call from quarryman Micky Bell to say he can join in the theft of stone from the quarry. At one time the fallen financial whiz-kid wouldn't have got out of bed for a hundred quid. And Kirsty does her family no favours when Alan - who's generously allowed them to stay at The Woolpack when fire destroyed their home - catches her filling her schoolbag with crisps and nuts from the pub.


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