Kim is furious Steve didn't tell her what he was planning at the quarry. And she is convinced his actions have placed her and baby James in danger. But she is relieved to hear that the police expect Micky Bell and the other quarrymen will be remanded in custody when they appear before magistrates. Steve is summonsed to Home Farm where he hopes to be given a better job with a fatter pay cheque. But Chris has something not quite so grand in mind. Kim receives a visit from a police officer who says that all but one of the quarrymen have been remanded in custody. Micky Bell pleaded not guilty and has been released on bail. Suddenly the phone rings. The silence at the other end frightens Klm to the core. Kelly's heart to heart with Donna seems to have done the trick and the youngster trots off to school minus her nose stud. But scheming Kelly has one last pearl of wisdom for her younger sister. And Kirsty is troubled when Lyn questions her about the girl she has been stealing food for.


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