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Micky Bell makes his move on Kim and James despite police assurances that he wouldn't come near. He menacingly pushes his way into the house and threatens Kim, but before he exact his revenge, she smashes a vase over his head, knocking him out. Steve races home fearing the worst when he spots police cars entering the village. At the coconut shy, Butch accidentally lobs a ball off Zak's head. Furious, he chases his son around the fayre and ends up crashing down on top of Ned's prize-winning tomatoes. As a result, Seth ends up the victor. Kathy and Biff win the dance competition while Lady Tara watches on, consumed by jealousy. But when the secret lovers meet later and kiss passionately, it's Kathy who's left raising her eyebrows. Terry and Heather enjoy a romantic moment together only to be caught by Alan. Marlon sticks the knife into Eric's back, when he deliberately tips off the police that under-aged drinkers are being served at the wine bar. With one recent caution for a similar offence, Eric is lost for words when he is caught red-handed.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • PC Wood - Steven Dykes
  • Micky Bell - James McMartin
  • Warren Palmer - Simon Cassidy



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