Eric is like a rubber - he just keeps bouncing back. With the imminent loss of his wine bar license he looks to triumph over adversity by tempting Kathy to take it over. But feisty Kathy is having none of it and tells him she doesn't want his license on loan - she wants to buy him out of the business for good! Kathy has other things on her mind - like what's going on between Biff and Lady Tara after chancing on the courting couple. Her bluntness takes Biff by surprise when she asks outright if he's sleeping with his boss. And he is forced to admit that he is. Alan confronts Terry about his relationship with Heather but is told to mind his own business. When the previous night's tips go missing Alan immediately places the blame on Kirsty. His first reaction is to tell her mother Heather, but he is talked out of it by Lyn. Lyn finds Kirsty at the Cricket Pavilion surrounded by chocolate but the youngster says she did not take any money. Lyn knows something is wrong and tries to reassures her sister that she is on her side. But Kirsty is not forthcoming.


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