Lady Tara admitted she was more than a little jealous when she watched her lover Biff dancing with Kathy at the summer fayre. Now she's determined to make it up to him with a picnic and drinks at her secluded summer house. And she's even laid on a stand-in chauffeur to pick them both up so they can share a glass or two. But their idyllic day is shattered when the couple arrive back at Oakwell Hall to find Chris waiting to deliver some shocking news - her father has died. Terry and Heather decide to come clean to her kids about their relationship. The couple steal themselves to see what the reaction will be only to be left feeling slightly foolish. In typical teenage fashion neither Kirsty nor Lyn seem the remotest bit interested. Kirsty Sparks all kinds of worries for Lyn when she tells her she's feeling sick. Lyn wonders if her kid sister is pregnant but Kirsty tells her its nothing of the sort. Kathy keeps Eric waiting on her offer to buy the tea-rooms/wine bar outright. But in typical fashion, when she eventually approaches him, he informs her he's not remotely interested in her offer.


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