Eric has the perfect answer to the threat of losing his license - bribery! His wine bar business could be ruined if he can't find a way to keep his license after being caught for the second time serving under-aged drinkers. So the wheeler-dealer literally cooks-up a plan to swing things in his favour come the licensing hearing. Using all his charm he convinces licensing magistrate Neville Grayson to visit the wine bar and gets Marlon to rustle up a lip-smacking meal served with the finest wine. And for desert - a brown envelope filled with money. Eric is at his ingratiating best as he fawns round his target. But is Grayson corruptible, or will it all backfire? In the finest traditions of her family Lady Tara tries to keep the stiff upper lip following the untimely death of her father. Her lover Biff tries to persuade her not to go to work, but she'll have none of it. But when Kim blunders in annoyed that Tara's late for Stud Farm business, her ladyship can barely contain her grief. And Kelly is on top form when she convinces Chris to reverse his decision and give Lyn a job at the holiday village. Even now she can still twist him round her little finger.


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