Lord Michael, fresh from a foreign jaunt, arrives like a knight in shining armour to comfort Lady Tara after the death of her father. She's delighted to see him - but Biff is consumed by jealousy. He sees Michael as a threat to his secret relationship and is anything but impressed when he declares he's going to be staying for a few days to look after Tara. Biff's interest in Tara is starting to grate on Michael too and after a terse exchange, the chauffeur is warned his job might be at stake. But when arrangements for the funeral are discussed and Lady Tara tells him Biff will be at her side, the penny finally drops. Eric is fighting to keep his business afloat. After the bribery fiasco he realises his license is as good as lost and is desperately trying to find a substitute. Alan scoffs at the idea when he's approached - but village postmaster Vic is hooked. He reckons he's in charge but when it comes down to discussing the venture Viv very much holds the upper hand. They strike a deal but count without the response from Kathy who has discovered a new cutting edge. And feathers are ruffled among the recruits at the holiday village when the arrival of Paulette brings a mixed response. Emma, Kirsty and Lyn are not too happy while Dean clearly fancies his chances. Roy will certainly have his work cut out.


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