Lady Tara sets tongues wagging when she turns up for her father's funeral with lover Biff on her arm. In typical fashion, Chris ponders what it all means for Home Farm. Zoe is more concerned for Biff after the pain he's suffered following Linda's death, while Lord Michael tries to coerce Kim into helping Tara "see sense". But it is obvious that both Biff and Tara share a deep love, and neither is remotely interested in the gossip they've created. Tara believes that her father would have been proud of the way she conducted herself and tells Biff that without him she could not have got through this terrible time. Mandy is struggling to make her second-hand clothes business a success. But Zak and Butch hatch a plot to give Mandy's fortunes a boost - and head off to the holiday village. The cat and mouse game between Eric and Kathy continues unabated. With Viv and Vic unable to take over his license because of the original contract he signed - Kathy reiterates her offer is on the table. But Eric throws it back in her face saying he'd rather run the business without a license than hand it to her on the terms she's offering. Tensions flare at the holiday village when Paulette takes it upon herself to squander Emma and Kirsty's ideas of working at the holiday disco to get closer to Roy by reporting to Chris that minors working at the disco might give the park bad publicity.


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