The village is awash with gossip as news of Biff and Lady Tara affair spreads like wildfire. When Roy tells his dad sparks fly still further. After all it's still only months since Linda died - and his former son-in-law is with the wife of the man who killed her! Ned races off for a confrontation with Biff but is stopped in his tracks by Lady Tara's lawyer Laura Johnstone. Later Biff's pleads with Ned to understand that Lady Tara was an innocent and that he has to be allowed to get on with his life. But it falls on deaf ears. Eric is not having a great day either. As the war over ownership of the wine-bar/tea-rooms hots up Kathy proves she can match him when it comes to being vindictive. She's taken out an advert in the Hotten Courier disassociating the tea-rooms from the wine-bar, which is about to lose its license due to under-aged drinking. Eric now realises he has a real adversary. And Kim gets a shock when she arrives home to find a note from Steve saying that he's at Hotten General with James who is unwell. When Kim arrives she is overwhelmed with fear by what she sees.


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