Kim is at her wits-end as baby James life hangs in the balance. The toddler has contracted CROUP and doctors tell her and Steve that while most children survive, this has been a particularly severe attack. Kim lashes out at Steve blaming him for not acting quickly enough. As the bedside vigil continues Chris- who is usually at loggerheads with his former step-mother - offers some sincere words of comfort and heart-felt advice. Lyn has realised something is amiss after learning that her sister Kirsty had been caught stealing sweets from the post office. She catches Kirsty hastily finishing off a chocolate bar in her bedroom and finds a pile of sweet wrappers in the bin. Kirsty claims nothing is wrong but Lyn. realises her sister is clearly ill. Lady Tara and her lawyer Laura return from the reading of her father's will and all is not well. Laura needs to go through Lady Tara's accounts and will be staying for some time. And Zak and Butch's latest plan to help Mandy - by taking clothes from holiday village guests on the pretence of having them dry cleaned is rumbled. Roy gives them an ultimatum while Mandy and Lisa could happily kill the pair.


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