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Kim and Steve are overjoyed when they're informed that James is out of danger. They are told the reason for his severe attack is because he is found to have asthma. Both Kim and Steve are upset with themselves for not spotting James' breathing difficulties which will now have to be treated with daily medication. After everything that has happened recently though, the couple are thankful that James is going to get better and both promise one another they will try to be better parents. Will's day of reckoning at the rugby trial has arrived. Terry has spent weeks putting him through his paces and teaching him tactics. Now it's all down Will to put on an impressive performance. However, during the match, a tackle proves disastrous and Will ends up on the ground in immense pain. Eric accepts the inevitable and informs Kathy that he will sell his share of the business to her - but not at the price she offered. He intends to get an independent valuer to assess its worth. Paulette tells Roy and Emma that she's a champion swimmer. But when Emma pushes her into the pool as a joke, it rebounds and she is forced to dive in and save her colleague. Lyn is pushing Kirsty to admit she has an eating disorder which her sister steadfastly denies.


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