Kathy is displaying all the business acumen of a seasoned tycoon. She's made an offer to buy out Eric but he's insisted on an independent valuer - who he's given a back-hander to - in return for placing a higher price on the business. But Kathy has double-guessed Eric and arranged for another firm of chartered surveyors to attend at the same time. Eric's man takes fright and leaves. With the licensing committee due to sit, Eric reveals to Marlon his final plan to hang onto his business. He's going to blame everything on Dee's departure and Marlon's shoddy running of his affairs while he was recovering! Chris and Zoe rumble that all is not well with Lady Tara. They invite her and her lawyer Laura for dinner to find out what's wrong. Both are shocked when Laura cuts the small talk and outlines plans that have wide implications for Emmerdale. Lyn is convinced her sister Kirsty has got bulimia after catching her bingeing on chocolate and then being sick after she ate her tea. She confides in Rachel who says she must tell her mother before it goes too far. And Will, nursing a sprained arm, is crestfallen when Terry is forced to tell him that his dreams of becoming a professional rugby player are over.


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