Heather tries talking to Kirsty about her bulimia, but Kirsty’s adamant that there’s nothing wrong with her. The Sugden boys fight for Emma’s attention. Eric packs up the wine bar and causes an outburst with Kathy when he loses control and grabs her. Zoe wants to know why Chris has suddenly sided with the opponent and is oblivious to the fact that the evictions are about to begin operation. Roy gives Kim an old teddy of David’s for James and Steve thinks it's emotional blackmail. Robert asks Sarah for advice on how to win over a girl and leaves Emma a bunch of flowers. Lyn tells Kirsty she needs to wake up to the fact she’s unwell so people can help her. Heather’s beside herself at work and shuts Terry out. Zoe sneaks into the stud office looking for answers but is abruptly caught by Laura. Zoe warns Laura that she’s not going to let her destroy Home Farm and in retaliation, Laura says that from now on she’s only allowed to Home Farm via invitation. Zak’s nervous when Lisa says she’s going to have to use the rent money to pay for new parts on a car. Terry tries talking to Kirsty about her bulimia causing Kirsty to kick off. Lisa’s furious to discover that Zak and Butch have spent two months’ worth of rent money. She walks out on them to stay with a friend in Scarborough and says she’ll be contacting a solicitor for a divorce. Heather kicks off at Terry in the bar for interfering and Alan's the one to backlash. Kathy apologises to Eric, but he's dismissive. Kim turns up at Holdgate Farm to tell the Glovers that she’s decided to have the blood tests.


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