Joe receives his court summons, whilst the Sugdens adjust to having a best selling author in the family. Meanwhile, Frank cleverly proposes to Janie.


Marian visits Frank and asks him to make front gates for Inglebrook House, she is amazed to see a book written by Jack Sugden, and borrows it from Frank. Jack is furious that Bart told his family about him being an author of a best selling book claiming that having money makes him feel guilty. The Sugdens and Skilbecks discuss having an author in the family. Joe receives his court summons. Jack shows the old millhouse off to Bart. Bart recognises the building from 'The Field of Tares'. Marian is glued to Jack's book. Amos offers Janie a job as barmaid in The Woolpack. Bart advises Jack to buy Jameson's Farm and restore the old millhouse. Frank objects to Janie taking the job of barmaid, and offers her the job of his wife instead! Henry asks Matt to come to see him tonight. Jack visits Harry with Bart who can't find anything positive to say about his farmhouse. Jack makes him an offer for the farm. Matt, Peggy and Annie prepare to leave for Bradford to pick up a washing machine. Peggy and Annie want to stay a bit longer to make a night of it, but Matt is forced to tell them he can't as he's meant to be seeing Henry tonight about a manager's job at Jameson's Farm. Jack reveals to them that he is going to buy Jameson's Farm, whatever it costs, and live in the old millhouse.


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