Eric has lost his wine bar - and is in danger of losing his marbles too. Cocky as ever, he tries to make as much of a nuisance of himself, as he noisily packs crates, deliberately disturbing customers. Kathy simply wants him out of her hair, now she's in sole charge and Betty and Rachel are both happy to see him down at heel. Eric's sidekick Marlon has twinges of guilt about the way he maneovoured his bosses downfall. Kathy is roundly applauded by customers when she laces into him in The Woolpack but Marlon can sense the depth of his bosses despair as he leaves looking like a real outcast. Later, as Marlon looks for him, he can hardly imagine the horrendous scene he will walk straight into. Meanwhile, Zak turns knight in shining armour to a pregnant woman. Little does her husband know Zak is moonlighting as a taxi-driver in a car he doesn't even own. Scott makes an unceremonious return to the village hurled, kit-bag and all, from an unmarked military car. But what has he done to deserve such heavy-handed treatment?


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