Eric is a desperate and broken man intent destroying the wine bar... and himself. All that stands between him and an untimely end is Marlon who out of a sense of loyalty or guilt has chanced across his boss he prepares to torch his former premises. At first Marlon thinks Eric's doing it for insurance reasons but it becomes painfully clear that in fact he intends to do away with himself as well. Eric threatens Marlon that he'll meet the same end unless he clears off and lets him get on with it. Marlon engineered Eric's final downfall when he lost his license, and his feelings of guilt go hand in hand with a genuine concern for his boss. Deep down he actually does like Eric. Bolstered by half a bottle of brandy he pours out his emotions in a cascade of self-pity and recrimination. Everyone hates him so why should they care? As the night passes Marlon tries every angle to get Eric to snap out of his malaise. But can this caring Dingle achieve what seems the impossible or are they both doomed to a fiery grave? Scott keenly avoids questions from his family about his unexpected arrival home. He's clearly hiding a deep secret - but at least for now he's not prepared to tell anyone what it is.


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