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A tidal wave of unrest is sweeping through Emmerdale thanks to Lady Tara's money troubles. Chris and Laura seem to be revelling in their work selling off chunks of the Home Farm estate, but Tara herself is starting to have second thoughts. Betty's devastated to discover she's going to be evicted when a "For Sale" sign is erected outside her home and heads to Home Farm to confront Tara, who's guilt increases further. Having been considered just as responsible by the villagers, Biff is also ashamed of Tara's actions. Kim receives notice that Tara is selling her half of the stud. Kim can't afford to buy her out, and if she's forced to sell, all the money will go to her creditors. Terry is winding himself up to tell Heather that their affair is over. But he's lost for words when she beats him to it and announces she's quitting her job and has found a new home. She can now devote more time to her daughters, in particular Kirsty.


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