Life is anything but a bed of roses for Biff. He's dumped his upper-class lover Lady Tara and has, through no real fault of his own, become Emmerdale's public enemy number one. Betty and Seth looked after him like a son, but Lady Tara's financial crisis looks like putting the two pensioners on the street. He's keen to impress on Betty that none of this was his doing and that despite pleas to Lady Tara, he cannot stop the sale of their cottage. He's even finished with her ladyship to emphasise how strongly he feels. But Betty is in no mood for forgiveness. Zak comes up with a plan to save the Dingles home which involves Ned - but he's too long in the tooth to pile what little money he has into a condemned building. Paulette is skating on thin ice when she agrees to go out with Scott and stand-up boyfriend Roy. And it looks like the game is up when Roy and Ned walk towards Scott's parked car. Heather, Kirsty and Lyn leave The Woolpack for their new home in Hotten. And Graham Clark goes for a viewing of Betty's home. Later he discovers why it is up for sale and tells her there's no way he would buy it under such circumstances.


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