The downtrodden Dingles decide to have a mass sale of all their earthly possessions - they need £6,000 fast or they'll be out on the streets. Zak is so desperate to keep a roof over their heads he sells all the roof slates. And in the rush for instant cash he also flogs his mountain of scrap metal and even his treasured Troggs collection! Butch, Mandy and Lisa round up anything that will sell from their home. But come the time of reckoning all they have to show is £160. These are hard days for roguish Zak and his clan and for the first time it starts to dawn on them all that they are fighting a losing battle. Lord Michael comforts Lady Tara, who's all torn-up over the breakdown of her affair with Biff. He tells her she should fight for what she wants - but Biff is in no mood for reconciliation when she arrives at his home. Flighty Paulette and no-good Scott sneak off for a bit of a lunchtime snog. Paulette wonders what her boyfriend Roy would think. Not a lot as he's been stood there the whole while watching the cheating pair! Rachel meanwhile has taken a shine to Graham and spent the evening with him at The Woolpack. On the way home she decides to give him a kiss with embarrassing consequences.


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