Lovelorn aristocrat Lady Tara Oakwell may be forced to sell the silver spoon in her mouth if things gets much worse. She's become public enemy number one by handing out eviction notices to Home Farm tenants and has seemingly lost the love of a good man because of it. Biff has dug his heels in and finished their upstairs downstairs affair in protest at Lady Tara's moves to make Betty and Seth homeless. And if life wasn't complicated enough, confidante and secret admirer Lord Michael Thornfield, out of the blue admits he loves her, and wants her to marry him! Lady Tara goes hot-foot back to Biff - but will this latest shock snap him out of his malaise? Rachel is beside herself when she discovers Graham is the new teacher at the school where she works. Kathy christens her refurbished American-style diner with a leaving party for Emma thrown by the Sugdens. And Steve outlines an audacious plan to Kim that he believes will line their pockets once more.


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