Kim receives the results of the blood test confirming if James is Dave or Frank's son. Lady Tara has a big decision to make. Does she continue to try to rekindle her affair with Biff or does she accept the marriage proposal of long time friend and confidante Lord Michael Thornfield? He invites her to dine with him and finally Lady Tara informs him of her decision. But when she starts to cry who are the tears really for? Paddy is caught in the horns of a dilemma when Mandy discovers he's actually got enough money in the bank to save the family home. Paddy stresses the money is for a rainy day for the two of them. But Mandy tells him bluntly that the Dingles come as a package. Poor Paddy is stuck between a rock and a hard place and all he can do is try to buy some time to think. Meanwhile, Mandy resolves the conflict between Zak and Butch by throwing a cup of cold coffee in Zak's face.


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