Henry snaps and gives Amos a piece of his mind. He tells Amos and Joe that he will hold them accountable for their actions. Meanwhile, Sam is desperate on seeing James out, making Rosemary feel guilty.


Amos tells Henry that he was trying to stop Norah pestering him over trivialities at the shop while he was in Bradford. Henry accuses them both of being pig-headed. An excited Rosemary dresses up for her visit to the concert with James. Sam sets about finding somewhere for James to move to, wanting him out of the parlour at Emmerdale. Following their words yesterday, Henry makes a point of calling Amos 'Mr Brearly' in the pub and forces Amos to treat him like an employee. Joe's surprised when Henry tells him it's alright that he went ahead and ordered the fencing without his agreement, expecting a lecture from him. Henry warns him however that now he's made his decision, he'll have to suffer the consequences of the accreditation - good or bad. Sam tells the family that he's sorted it for James to move out tomorrow, believing he's interested in Rosemary. Annie isn't happy with Sam's handling of the situation but tells James about the cottage on Connelton Road that Sam suggested, when he mentions moving out. Amos is annoyed by Henry insisting on calling him 'Mr Bearly' and Henry finally decides it's finally gone on long enough. He tells Amos where business is concerned he's a liability as he doesn't think about consequences to his actions. He tells Amos that if he wants to go ahead with advertising to do so, but if it goes wrong he'll give him hell. Rosemary feels guilty about James leaving due to her arrival. She tells Annie she wants to pay her keep. Annie reminds Henry that he should have consulted her and Matt before telling Joe he did right ordering the fencing.


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Annie Sugden: (to Rosemary Kendall) "You're family, love. No matter how much we like other folk, family always comes first."

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