Kim and Steve give their robbery plan a trial run using Ashley as the alibi. Kim coaxes him to the cottage for wine on the pretence of offering her services more regularly at the creche. Once at the house Steve says he has to make some phone calls and heads off upstairs. While Ashley and Kim chat Steve leaves the house and times himself running to the Stud and back. When he comes back down the stairs, Ashley is none the wiser. Paddy has a bucket of pig-swill thrown over him by an unforgiving Mandy. Paddy tells Mandy that's the end of their relationship. Later, on her own, Mandy quietly cries herself to sleep. Zoe realises that it was Biff who slipped £5,000 into Betty's handbag. He'd hoped she and Seth could get a mortgage to save themselves being evicted. When Zoe breaks the news that the building society told Betty she was too old - he comes up with an even better plan. Lady Tara suddenly gets cold feet about her wedding when she goes to have a fitting for a dress. She rushes out of the store and orders a cab to take her to Biff's.


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