Biff can't do right for wrong in Betty's eyes. She has sent him to Coventry since his lover Lady Tara handed out an eviction notice to her and Seth. When he approaches her to say he can arrange a mortgage for them, and admits he gave her the £5,000 deposit, she tells him to take the money back and leave. She doesn't need charity from him. Biff is perplexed. He's ditched Lady Tara, when deep down he really loves her. Yet old friends like Betty and Seth still won't give him the time of day. Biff starts to doubt whether ending his affair was a wise move. Kim is shaken when she discovers Laura intends bringing in an assistant to look after Lady Tara's share of the Stud Farm. She rushes home to tell Steve of the development and both agree they'll have to bring the robbery forward. Mandy reluctantly takes up Alan's offer to come back to work behind the bar in The Woolpack. Preparations for Will's party continue, with Alan annoyed at Terry bringing in a karaoke machine. Rachel continues to avoid Graham after feeling embarrassed over the pass she made at him.


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