Kim and husband Steve have gone from riches to rags thanks to his ill-timed gambling on the money markets. But now they are looking to bounce back. They've concocted an elaborate plan to steal, then sell stud horse Orsino, while making the whole episode look like the work of others. And they've even invited Zoe to their house to be the perfect alibi. Later when the insurance money comes through the conniving couple hope to skip the country. Will's birthday party begins at the pub, with a lovelorn Mandy throwing herself into the celebrations. Everyone appears to be having a good time at Lady Tara's hen-night, except her ladyship. Later in the evening she slips away from the gathering. Her one-time lover Biff is having dinner with Kathy and she is very much on his mind too. He slopes off leaving Kathy alone and heads for the spot near the summer house where they once shared tender moments. Suddenly he's not alone.


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  • This extra Monday episode was broadcast at the usual time of 7.00pm.
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