The police are making little if any headway in their hunt for the Home Farm gang. But they believe they might be onto a lead when Kelly points out that Zak and Butch left Will's party at The Woolpack for some time on the night of the robbery, trouble seems to follow the Dingles and they know they've now got just two weeks to find the money to buy their farmhouse before the bailiffs come to evict them, Zak believes there's only one thing to do - go back to burgling again. Butch wonders what Lisa will think? With their friendship back on track Biff has one last go at persuading Betty to let him become her landlord. Zoe and Chris are thrown when Laura casually remarks that for the sake of Home Farm, she hopes Kathy either stays in her coma for some time, or wakes up with amnesia. After Zoe criticises her for being so thoughtless and cold, Laura tries to make amends by apologising to Chris. Sarah struggles with Ned constantly bringing up negative memories and encouraging everyone else to do the same. After a remark about Terry's physique causes him to go into exercise overdrive, Tricia brags to Mandy about the benefits of having him wrapped around her little finger.


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