Viv is at her wicked-worst when the police arrive at the Dingles armed with a search warrant. She quickly puts it about that they're the ones who robbed the Stud Farm and put Kathy in hospital. Zak, Butch and Lisa are horrified anyone could imagine they were involved and Mandy explodes in The Woolpack when Viv repeats her allegations. Kim tells Steve the good news that the police are chasing dead-ends, and that Kathy appears to be getting better - but he's at the end of his tether and says he wants them to skip the country now. There's good news at the hospital when a medic tells Betty that Kathy's condition is stable. Paddy brings a huge smile to the face of his over-bearing mother when he says he's no longer going out with Mandy, and that he's buying into the vets surgery. She quickly starts to make plans to get him involved with a "nice" girl. Jack chafes as the rest of the family reaches their limit with the presence of a depressed Ned. Tricia continues to toy with Scott and Terry.


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