Steve's dark secret is driving him to despair. He wants to leave the country now with the money he made from the horse robbery but Kim tells him they must stay-put and tough it out. It's the day of the village fun run and as Steve leaves to take part he secretly slips his own passport into his carry-all intent on going alone. But when he feigns injury and abandons the run to dig up the robbery loot, it's gone. Butch and Zak arrive to do the run and are immediately set-upon by vicious Viv. But later in The Woolpack Butch hands over a clutch of fivers to Betty to buy something for Kathy. Rachel and Graham head the run which turns out to be anything but fun as they vie for the lead. After an honourable draw, they go back to her house for a drink, shattered, only to be confronted with an angry Chris who's been left literally holding the baby and bolstered by news of his split with Mandy, Paddy's mum has a real surprise for him. She's fixed him up with a date with his former sweetheart Jane Barnett tomorrow!


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