Zak makes a final stand to save his beloved home. As the bailiffs arrive to serve an eviction order, Zak, faced with several burly minders, resorts to physical violence as Lisa watches horrified. He menacingly picks up a metal bar in a threatening gesture as they attempt to pass him and enter the house. It's a tense stand-off until Lisa begs him to stop. Zak appears a broken man as he drops the weapon and slumps to the floor, resigned to losing his home. At The Woolpack the dispossessed Dingles congregate and the village rallies round. Betty offers to take in Mandy and Lisa and Rachel wishes she'd kept her mouth shut when she says the menfolk should have plenty of offers. Quick as a flash Zak takes it as an invite for him and Butch to stay at Mill Cottage. Poor Rachel realises she's got no option but to take them in. Cass is intent on a showdown with Scott as she shoves her way into the Post Office. Kelly warns her they have phoned her husband who is on his way to collect her. As tempers begin to fray suddenly Scott loses his temper and starts to hurl abuse at his one time lover. Alone and confused Cass climbs into her car wiping the tears from her eyes.


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